Areas and Industries

  • Real Estate Transactions:Purchase and sale, leasing, real estate developments (residential, commercial and mixed), property and financial swaps, subdivisions/allotments, built-to-suit, retrofits, shopping malls, hotels and resorts, multi-property and time sharing, sports arenas, real estate regularizations, SPU , receivables certificates, forest projects, etc.
  • Commercial Contracts:General contracts related to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, mining, energy, transportation, import and export, etc.
  • Litigation, Arbitration, Conflict Prevention and Resolution:Especially in the real estate and construction sectors.
  • Construction:construction contracts, global, target price, maximum guaranteed price, by administration, retrofits, architecture, inspection, labor, supply and purchase of materials, etc.
  • Agribusiness:General contracts, land acquisition and leasing, rural partnerships, land regularization, forest projects, financing contracts, purchase and sale of products and inputs, exports and imports, issuance of debentures, notes and receivables certificates, etc.;
  • Infrastructure and logistics:Construction and leasing of logistics and general warehouses, container terminals, industrial facilities, small hydroelectric plants, wind and solar parks, thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants, highways and railways, etc.
  • Estate Planning:Individuals and legal entities, in Brazil and abroad.
  • Urbanism/Town Planning:Legal and urban feasibility of projects, urban operations, approvals and licensing.